Sedation Options

Safeguard Your Oral Health
  • Relieve anxiety with three methods of sedation
  • Soothe your nerves with a safe pill
  • Feel respected & listened to by our team

Choose Sedation Options in Winnipeg, MB

At our dentist office, we can help you overcome your dental anxiety with our sedation options in Winnipeg, MB. Whether you need a few calming words or dental sedation, we will work with you to provide you the care that you deserve.

How do we do that? By listening to you. The first step to a good dentist appointment is to choose a dentist who will take the time to listen to your concerns and who will address those concerns for you. You’ll find that with our team. Call today to find out more about your sedation choices.

Choose From Multiple Types of Sedation

Our doctors are certified in several types of sedation modalities including oral sedation, inhalation sedation, and IV sedation. At Lakewood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, MB, we want you to be relaxed and comfortable so you can enjoy a pleasant experience at our office and most importantly, receive the dental treatment you require to keep your mouth in a healthy state. We will help you decide which sedation modality or combination of modalities will be the right fit for your specific needs.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Inhaled gas has been used for decades in dentistry to help reduce fear and anxiety, and it has proven to be a successful means of achieving anxiety reduction. Your vital signs are monitored during the appointment to ensure a fully safe and comfortable experience. Inhalation sedation is administered incrementally to achieve the most effective dose for you during your visit. Once the procedure is complete, the sedative effects wear off rapidly and allow you to resume your normal activities.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is the use of pharmacological means to help ease anxiety during dental treatment. You’ll take a safe medication that will relax you during your dental procedure. You’ll be somewhat groggy after your procedure, so you’ll need to arrange for transportation home.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is the use of a combination of medications which are delivered through IV or intravenous access. This allows for the most control over the level of sedation, enabling most patients with moderate to high level dental anxiety to be comfortable during their appointment. Most patients sedated with IV sedation will get quite sleepy which often results in amnesia of the procedure. Although you will not be fully unconscious, IV sedation is commonly referred to as “sleep dentistry” as the amnesia that can result gives many the impression that they were asleep.

If you experience any of the issues listed below, we would be pleased to provide you with more information regarding sedation dentistry.

  • Anxiety about dental treatment
  • Fear of needles
  • Avoidance of dental treatment due to anxiety
  • Strong gag reflex

Sedation dentistry can also be utilized for:

  • Comfort during surgical procedures like wisdom teeth removal or implant placement
  • Comfort during efficient multi-procedure appointments

Stay Comfortable During Dental Treatment

If you suffer from dental anxiety, our team will work hard to make you comfortable and relaxed. You can expect:

  • A warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Detailed answers and explanations for all your questions
  • Televisions and headphones to help you feel at ease
  • Blankets to keep you comfortable
  • Staff members who will periodically check in to ensure your comfort level meets your expectations

Have questions about sedation options? Please call our dentist office at 204-977-8515 to speak to one of our team members and learn if sedation dentistry in Winnipeg, MB is right for you.

Common Questions About Sedation Options

Does sedation dentistry work for most patients?

Over the years, we have found that most patients respond well to our sedation options. If you tend to suffer from dental anxiety, you should ask whether one of our sedation methods will work for you. Our goal is to help you relax as much as possible so you can get the care your smile needs. Our goal is to make your procedure as pleasant as possible.

What sedation options are available to me?

At Lakewood Dental Centre, we offer three dental sedation options – inhaled sedation with laughing gas, oral conscious sedation using a small pill or liquid medicine, or IV sedation with a combination of medications. Depending on a patient’s circumstances and level of anxiety, one could work better than another. We’ll help you determine which one is right for you.

Are your sedation options safe?

Our general dentists are licensed in using time-tested sedation options that clinical studies have proved for many fearful patients. In fact, laughing gas is so mild, it is safe for most kids. Sedation is a predictable way to help nervous patients relax and get beneficial dental care.

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