Feel Better With Oral Surgery in Winnipeg, MB

Dr. Rose Dhillon and Dr. Doug McDermid are general dentists who perform oral surgery in Winnipeg, MB. In fact, they’ve performed many oral surgery procedures during their decades in dentistry. While they do all they can to keep your teeth and gums healthy, sometimes an oral surgery procedure is the best way to preserve your dental health.

Our surgical care can help you:

  • Relieve your toothache and feel better
  • Chew easier and enjoy mealtimes again
  • Prevent the need for more extensive dental work
  • Gain peace of mind about your oral health

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We Aim to Preserve Your Dental Health, From Diagnosis to Aftercare

Among the oral surgery procedures you can get in our office:

Our dentists won’t consider an oral surgery procedure until they’ve given you a comprehensive exam, including digital X-rays, and discussed all your treatment options with you. We can show you exactly what is going on in your mouth with an intraoral camera so you’ll better understand the possible options.

We’ll schedule your procedure to allow ample time for recovery. We open early and stay open late, so you can choose the best time for your recuperation. You will need to take it easy for at least a few hours, possibly a few days. Our dentists will make sure you understand how to ease discomfort and explain any modifications you may need to make in your diet and oral hygiene routine.

We can also discuss possible teeth replacements after tooth removal, including dental implants. Our dentists may recommend a socket preservation procedure, where they will place material designed to increase bone growth at your extraction site. This will make it easier to receive teeth replacements when you’re ready.

Supplementing Anesthesia With Dental Sedation Can Keep You Comfortable

Our dentists will use local anesthesia to make sure you’re comfortable during your oral surgery procedure. You can also choose one of three types of dental sedation: inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”), oral sedation, or IV sedation. We can help you determine which level of sedation is appropriate for you.

For a consultation to discuss oral surgery in Winnipeg, MB, call 204-977-8515 or schedule an appointment online.