Virtual Smile Assessment: A New Smile Made Simple!

When it comes to making an important investment, you want high returns at minimal risk. That’s what you get with our virtual smile assessment in Winnipeg, MB! Check out this infographic to see how this easy process works. You can find out which of our cosmetic dentistry services would give ...

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Make Your Smile Brand New With Cosmetic Dentistry!

With any number of our cosmetic dentistry services in Winnipeg, you can make dull teeth look dazzling, damaged teeth look flawless, or a worn-out smile look brand new. From teeth whitening to tooth bonding to dental veneers, we have a variety of solutions to fix the problems you don’t like ...

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Improve Jaw Discomfort With TMJ Treatment!

A few aches and pains here and there are a pretty normal part of life, especially as we get older. But chronic pain is entirely different. This is something that people suffering from jaw joint problems know all too well. The soreness, headaches, and painful oral function are only a few of ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Small Changes, Big Results!

Even subtle changes to your appearance can make a big difference in the way you look and feel. That’s just the sort of magic one can experience with cosmetic dentistry in Winnipeg! Here are before and after images that illustrate what we mean. By giving slightly damaged, dingy, or gapped ...

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5 Benefits Of Invisalign Teens Love!

Metal braces are still the gold standard of orthodontic treatment. But without complex bite alignment problems, some patients may not have to go as far as this conventional method of straightening crooked teeth. This is great news, especially for teenagers who are self-conscious enough around ...

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Rebuilding A Smile With Dental Implants

When summer rolls around each year, wouldn’t you love to be able to eat all your favorite seasonal foods without pain or anxiety about the problems with your teeth? There’s a lasting solution that can make that possible! Check out today’s video, courtesy of Dr. Dhillon, to hear about ...

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Treat Sensitive Teeth & Enjoy Ice Cream Again (Infographic)

Sensitive teeth may not be a serious smile problem. Still, dental sensitivity makes it tough to enjoy treats like ice cream without feeling discomfort. Plus, the underlying cause of sensitivity may be an issue that requires treatment, such as a cavity or a small crack in your tooth. If you ...

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You Can Break The Cycle Of Dental Fear! [VIDEO]

When you grow up experiencing one bad dental appointment after another, you will inevitably have a really hard time trusting a dentist enough to maintain the routine care you need for a healthy smile. That’s how Esther felt when she first visited our practice in Winnipeg, MB. Check out ...

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Find Comfortable Restorative Dental Care [VIDEO]

Before she visited our Winnipeg practice, Julie had almost no experiences with dental care that were pleasant or comfortable. In fact, she came here from England where she says going to the dentist was oftentimes terrifying. Check out Julie’s video testimonial to hear about how we changed ...

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