Say Hello To Restorative Dentistry & Goodbye To Dental Pain [VIDEO]

If you have smile damage and are experiencing dental pain or discomfort, visit the team at Lakewood Dental Centre for restorative dentistry. When you visit our Winnipeg, MB dentist office, whether for a dental emergency or less pressing situation, we’ll make you comfortable before we start treatment. Check out our video with Dr. McDermid to learn more about our approach. Feel comfortable ...

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Some Foods & Drinks That Can Stain Teeth

Sometimes it can feel like you can’t enjoy the foods and drinks you love most without staining your teeth. If you want to learn how you can keep enjoying your meals and beverages, while also learning how to keep tooth stains away and about your teeth whitening options at Lakewood Dental Centre, call 204-977-8515 and book a visit today. We do our very best to help our patients maintain a ...

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Do You Have A Higher Than Average Risk Of Oral Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

People develop oral cancer for a variety of reasons, but if you want to find out if you are at a higher risk than most, check out the quiz provided by Lakewood Dental Centre below. We do oral cancer screenings during our dental cleanings and exams at our Winnipeg, MB dentist office to ensure no major oral health issues go overlooked. Check out the quiz below to learn about some potential risk ...

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Fix A Variety Of Cosmetic Issues With A Smile Makeover [VIDEO]

If you’re unhappy with some aspect of your grin – or even multiple facets – visit Lakewood Dental Centre to get a smile makeover consultation. We can even provide a preview of what your improved smile will look like after you receive the cosmetic treatments you want at our Winnipeg, MB dentist office. Fall in love with your pearly whites with a smile makeover from Lakewood Dental ...

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Avoid Smile Troubles With Regular Dental Cleanings & Exams

If you want to do all you can to keep your smile in great shape and avoid tooth decay and other issues, maintain great oral hygiene habits and visit Lakewood Dental Centre every six months for a professional dental cleaning and exam. Call 204-977-8515 to book with us today. Our Winnipeg, MB dentist office has been serving our local community and the surrounding area for over four decades. ...

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Protect Your Tooth From Further Damage With A Dental Crown [VIDEO]

Cover up your damaged tooth with a beautiful, strong dental crown from Lakewood Dental Centre to protect it from further damage. Check out this testimonial from Julie U. to hear about how satisfied she was with the restorative dental treatments she received at our Winnipeg, MB dentist office. Save your tooth from an extraction by protecting it with a dental crown from Lakewood Dental ...

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4 Uses Of Dental Sedation [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you need some help relieving dental anxiety or think that you may be able to benefit from dental sedation for some other reason, visit Lakewood Dental Centre today. We provide sedation options for patients for a few different reasons at our Winnipeg, MB dentist office. Take a quick look at our infographic below to see some of the most common ones. Have a better experience at the dentist ...

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Try These Relaxation Tips To Soothe Your TMJ Disorder

If you don’t want to grin and bear it anymore and would like some professional advice on how to handle your TMJ disorder, call Lakewood Dental Centre at 204-977-8515 today. We have helped many patients soothe their symptoms and have also provided many TMJ treatments and migraine and headache solutions at our Winnipeg, MB dentist office. We aim to provide a large variety of dental treatment ...

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Learn If Traditional Orthodontics Treatment Or Invisalign Is For You [VIDEO]

For a consultation with one of our dentists to determine the right orthodontics treatment to straighten your teeth, visit Lakewood Dental Centre. We offer traditional braces and short-term orthodontics at our Winnipeg, MB dentist office, including Invisalign. We’d be happy to help you determine which treatment you’d prefer. Let us fix the alignment of your crooked teeth with a variety ...

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Get Cosmetic Dentistry So You Don’t Have To Hide Your Smile This Summer

Smiling is something that people naturally do for a variety of reasons, but chief among those reasons is to intentionally or involuntarily show happiness. But if your grin is making you feel self-conscious and you want to do something about it in time for summer, call Lakewood Dental Centre today at 204-977-8515 to learn about our many cosmetic dentistry options. Our Winnipeg, MB dentist ...

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