Spring is the time of year when many people take a day or a weekend to do some heavy-duty cleaning around the house. You might clean out drawers, closets, the garage… all in an effort to get rid of things you don’t really need that are just taking up space.

Unless you want to spend the entire season on one tiny corner of your home, you have to go through item by item and decide pretty quickly whether you want to keep it or toss it.

And this can be pretty tough, especially if you’re not sure if you really need something or if you’re just hanging onto it because you think you’ll need it someday in the future.

Fortunately, deciding whether to keep or toss your wisdom teeth isn’t always so difficult!

Of course, only your Winnipeg dentist can help you make that decision based on your own individual dental needs, but often, patients will have these molars extracted because eventually, they may start to pose certain risks to your oral health.

Wisdom teeth can be hard to reach and hard to clean, so sometimes it’s more beneficial to remove them since they can be more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease while serving little-to-no functional purpose.

You can check out Gerry’s video testimonial to hear some of the reasons he had his wisdom teeth removed to get an idea of the kind of factors that play into this decision, and if you’d like to know whether your wisdom teeth are “taking up space” in your mouth while posing any potential threats to your oral health, come and see us!

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