All-on-4® Provides New Teeth in One Appointment

The traditional dental implant process requires an implant for each replacement tooth. Time must be allowed for healing between placing the implant and restoring it. But what if you want new teeth right away?

With the All-on-4® dental implant technique at Lakewood Dental Centre, an entire arch of replacement teeth can be supported by as few as four implants. This allows our dentists and our specialist partner to place and restore on the same day using only local anaesthetic.

We Make the Dental Implants Process as Easy as Possible

The structure of an implant is similar to that of your natural tooth:

  • The below-the-gum part that acts like a tooth’s root is made of titanium. The body generally accepts titanium, so it’s able to bond with the jaw for a firm hold.
  • The above-the-gum part of a dental implant is covered with a replacement tooth to complete your smile and make biting easier.

Dr. Dhillon and Dr. McDermid partner with a specialist who uses 3-D imaging to place implants. Then, we will complete the dental implant process by restoring it with a replacement tooth.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for dental implants in Winnipeg by calling 204-977-8515 to schedule a consultation at Lakewood Dental Centre. You can also make an appointment online.