Bone Grafts in Winnipeg, MB Can Strengthen Your Jaw

Dental implants can replace one or more missing teeth in a way that’s reliable, comfortable, and durable. However, careful planning and preparation is required to ensure that dental implants are successful. For some people, that includes bone grafts in Winnipeg, MB to make their jaw stronger and more receptive to implants. Benefits of dental implants may include:

  • A complete smile with secure replacement teeth
  • The ability to bite and chew more easily
  • A healthier, younger, fuller facial appearance
  • Improved oral health and total body health

Our general dentists can perform this surgical procedure. To see if you may need bone grafting to get your jaw in shape for implants, call Lakewood Dental Centre at 204-977-8515 today.

A Dental Bone Graft Creates a Fuller-Looking Face

A dental bone graft bolsters the strength of your jaw and keeps its shape intact. This will:

  • Help keep your face looking fuller by preserving the bone structure that supports your muscle and skin
  • Provide a better foundation not just for implants but also for other dental restorations like bridges

Our dentists use a material designed to spur bone growth and place that material where it is needed. The material fuses to your existing bone, restoring the shape and strength of your jaw. Once you’ve fully healed, a process that can take as little as a few months, your jaw should be ready to receive implants or another dental restoration.

Ask For Dental Sedation If You Are Anxious

Our dentists may numb your mouth with local anesthesia before your procedure. But because a bone graft procedure is longer and more complex than many other dental procedures, you may also choose to receive dental sedation.

We offer three choices: inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”), which is administered through a small mask over your nose, a sedative that you take orally, or a combination of medications that are delivered through an IV. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be monitored throughout your procedure.

To find out if bone grafts in Winnipeg, MB can restore your oral health, call Lakewood Dental Centre today at 204-977-8515. You can also schedule an appointment online.