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The Truth About Tooth Decay & Cavity Prevention!

Here’s what you should know about preventing and treating tooth decay and cavities:

*Beware Of Sugar*

Sugar in moderation is okay, but consuming too much too often will only spell trouble for your smile.

It’s sugar that the bad bacteria inside your mouth loves most, breaking it down into harmful plaque and acids that eat through your teeth. This destructive process is what causes cavities and gum disease, so your best strategy to prevent these problems is to give bacteria as little fuel as possible and limit your sugar consumption.

*An Untreated Cavity Can Lead To Bigger Problems*

A decayed tooth needs to be treated early so it doesn’t get worse.

Since a cavity is a hole in your tooth, it needs to be filled and sealed so bacteria can’t get inside your tooth and destroy or infect the vulnerable tissues that live there. Not only can that lead to intense pain, but it will require more complicated treatment and cost more to restore.

*A Large Cavity May Need More Than A Filling*

Speaking of untreated cavities, putting off restorative care gives decay plenty of time to destroy your tooth. If there isn’t enough healthy enamel left for a filling to adhere, you may need to rely on a dental crown to cap the tooth, which will preserve your oral health, but at a higher price than a standard filling.

*Fluoride Treatments Give Teeth Added Protection*

There have been long-standing myths about fluoride being bad for teeth.

But that’s all they are… myths!

The reality is that fluoride treatments from your Winnipeg dentist actually remineralize your tooth enamel so that it’s stronger in the face of harmful bacteria and acids. You can take advantage of this preventive service as part of your comprehensive dental care for added protection against tooth decay.

*Tooth Fillings Have Come A Long Way*

In the past, metal tooth fillings were the only option you had for treating a cavity.

While this was, and still is, an effective solution for preserving a decayed tooth and protecting your oral health, it’s not an ideal cosmetic option.

Depending on the location of your cavity, you may have ended up with a dark spot in your smile.

But now, we can provide a more seamless alternative with our tooth-colored fillings! Just as strong and lasting as a metal filling, this option will match the color of your surrounding teeth so you can still maintain a healthy, bright smile!

*Bacteria Is The Real Threat*

At the heart of nearly every dental problem is harmful bacteria. It’s the source of decay, cavities, and infections that threaten your oral and overall health.

Bacteria in your mouth thrives when it breaks down the sugary particles and residue left behind from your food and drinks. Even if you keep your mouth clean by faithfully brushing and flossing everyday, you can still be vulnerable to destructive bacteria if there are cracks or weak spots on your tooth enamel that create doorways to the inside of your teeth.

The point is, protecting your dental health takes vigilance. It requires a commitment to best oral hygiene practices and routine visits to your dentist for comprehensive, professional care!

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