Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with a dental injury anytime soon but because they can arise unexpectedly, you should do all you can to be prepared for a bad situation. If you’d like some professional advice on what you should have in your dental emergency first aid kit and how to use each item, call Lakewood Dental Centre at 204-977-8515 for a consultation today.
If you are in need of emergency dentistry, we will do our very best to provide a same-day appointment at our Winnipeg, MB dentist office. We want to do all we can, as quickly as we can, to get you out of dental pain. If you act fast when you damage your teeth or gums and visit us as soon as possible, we may just be able to repair your smile so it is as good as new.
If you do have an injury involving the inside of your mouth and you are bleeding and unable to stop the blood flow, visit your local emergency room as soon as possible. Then, you can follow up with us to get restorative dentistry treatments to repair the issue.
Our Winnipeg, MB dentist office has been serving our local community and surrounding areas for over forty years. Dr. McDermid has been assisting patients at Lakewood Dental Centre that whole time and Dr. Dhillon has already celebrated over two and a half decades of experience in the field of dentistry. You can put your trust in our skilled and experienced team!
Because dental injuries don’t keep to a nine-to-five schedule, we offer some extended hours. We close a little early at 2:00 p.m. on Fridays, but we maintain the typical weekday hours you’d expect otherwise and offer early morning and evening hours as well. Our office is open:

  • Early at 8:00 a.m. on Mondays
  • Extra early at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays
  • Until 6:00 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays

Learn What You Need & What To Do In Dental Emergencies

The first thing you need to do when you suffer a dental injury is avoid panicking. Obviously, that can be easier said than done, but by keeping a cool head and addressing your situation deliberately, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting your injury the care it needs quickly.
As mentioned above, if you are bleeding due to a dental injury, you should stop the bleeding as soon as possible. To help slow the flow and soak up some of the blood so you can better assess the situation, apply gentle pressure using a piece of gauze or a cotton ball.
To help clean out your mouth some, rinse it with a saline solution. If you do not have any pre-packaged saline solution, you can make your own in a pinch using warm water and salt. Gently swish this fluid around in your mouth and then spit it out, careful to check for any tooth fragments you should hold onto.
If you knocked out or broke a tooth, try to find the pieces as soon as possible. If you have them, use some nitrile gloves when handling tooth fragments or when touching the inside of your mouth. Whether or not you have nitrile gloves, wash your hands thoroughly before touching tooth fragments.
When handling a knocked out tooth or tooth fragments, always handle them by the crown (the portion of the tooth that shows above the gumline). If you are able to, try to put a knocked out tooth back in place while being careful not to swallow it.
In case you need to bring a knocked out tooth or fragments with you to the dentist, keep a small clean container in your kit. Place the tooth fragments in the container and fill it with milk or saliva to seal in moisture.
To help you deal with the discomfort you may be feeling, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever. If the medicine you take is also an anti-inflammatory, it may help to reduce swelling as well. You can also apply a numbing agent, like benzocaine, to the area to help alleviate pain.
To get the emergency dental care you need, call Lakewood Dental Centre at 204-977-8515 as soon as possible. We’ll try our very best to get you a same-day appointment. If you need a non-emergency dentistry service, you can also fill out our handy online form.