It’s hard to stay hidden during the long holiday season. You’ll likely have several family functions to attend, a holiday office party, and other various social engagements.

And because we tend to use the holidays as a chance to meet up with people we don’t get to see that often throughout the year, a lot of pictures are taken and then, gasp, shared on social media!

You need to feel comfortable in your own skin and confident about your smile.

Give Your Smile A Holiday Shine With Dental Veneers!

Your Winnipeg cosmetic dentist at Lakewood Dental Centre offers both traditional porcelain dental veneers and e.max veneers so you can choose the option that suits your needs. Standard veneers may require a bit of preparation to your tooth enamel so they’ll fit naturally and comfortably over your teeth.

E.max veneers are thinner, which means there isn’t as much prep work involved.

But both types accomplish the same thing for your smile, which is to make it look healthier, brighter, and more attractive!

Here are some of the ways dental veneers can alter your teeth:


Your teeth can either come in looking misshapen, or they can change and become worn over time.

Either way, you may have some teeth in the front that stand out in a negative way because they’re too short, too pointy, or too uneven and jagged around the edges.

Bonding veneers to misshapen teeth helps your smile look more consistent and seamless overall.


Dental veneers won’t move your teeth. But they can give the illusion that your teeth have been pulled together into the proper position.

So if you have some small gaps between your teeth, or a couple of teeth that are slightly crooked, veneers can be placed over those flaws and give you a straight, even smile as if you just finished orthodontic treatment!


As you age, you’ll probably notice that your teeth just aren’t as bright as they used to be. Your morning coffee, red wine with dinner, favorite marinara dish, or dark sauces and dressings can leave stains on your teeth over time.

Overall health, prescription medications, oral hygiene, and of course, tobacco use can also darken your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is a great option for brightening your teeth by several shades, but some discoloration won’t respond to this treatment.

An attractive feature of dental veneers is that they can hide dark, discolored teeth and are more resistant to stains than your natural enamel. You’ll have a white, radiant smile for years!

Start Now With A Consultation!

We’re excited to sit down with you to talk about what you want to accomplish with cosmetic dentistry, and if veneers are the right choice for you, we’ll help you decide if traditional or e.max veneers will give you the results you’re looking for.

In the end, your glamorous holiday smile with sparkle and shine!

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