If you’ve severely damaged one or more teeth, call Lakewood Dental Centre at 204-977-8515 and set up a consultation to see if we can help by combining root canals and dental crowns.
We offer a large variety of dental services under one roof at our Winnipeg, MB dentist office, including many restorative dentistry options that can repair teeth.
We can perform tooth extractions, but we use this approach only when there’s no other option. We will always do all we can to save and preserve your natural teeth.
For your convenience, we offer early morning hours and evening hours as well in case a nine-to-five schedule doesn’t work for your hectic life. We also accept many payment options so you can cover the cost of care in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Let Us Rescue Your Teeth With Root Canals & Dental Crowns

A lot of patients think that needing a root canal is kind of a “worst case” scenario, but really the procedure can save your tooth from an extraction and stop you from feeling any more pain in the damaged tooth.
If you have a tooth that is infected on the inside, we will assess your particular case and plan accordingly using state-of-the-art dental technology, like our digital X-ray machine. Then, we will numb the affected area and use special instruments and techniques to remove the infected soft tissue and nerves from inside your tooth (the root canal portion of your treatment).
In many cases, a tooth is weakened significantly following a root canal because decay and the procedure itself both remove some of your tooth structure. To provide extra strength and protection, we frequently recommend capping your tooth with a crown.
Not only are crowns helpful in protecting teeth, they are also highly convincing in how they work and look. Your crown will also be color-matched to the rest of your teeth so it will blend in seamlessly and be almost impossible to notice.
To provide speedy service, we have invested in a cutting-edge CEREC milling machine at our Winnipeg, MB dental office. This way, we can create your custom tooth restoration in a single appointment instead of having it made by an off-site lab. You’ll walk in with a damaged tooth and able to walk out with a repaired chomper in a single visit!
Our compassionate team cares a great deal about your comfort level when you are visiting us. To make your experience more pleasant, we will offer various amenities to help you relax, including:

  • Warm blankets to keep you cozy
  • Headphones so you can listen to some calming music
  • TVs to entertain you while we work

If you have any questions about your treatment, feel free to ask. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly and we’re more than happy to explain anything you don’t understand.
Don’t put up with tooth pain any longer. To determine if your teeth need root canals and dental bridges, call Lakewood Dental Centre at 204-977-8515. You can also use our online form to book an appointment with us or ask questions.