If you are having any sort of dental emergency, call our Winnipeg, MB dental office immediately at 204-977-8515 for an emergency appointment. You can usually be seen the same day that you call.

It can be scary and confusing when you’re in the middle of a dental emergency. Such things are typically very painful and frightening. Even though you know you need to stay calm, that’s hard. What helps is to know what to do. Here are some general and specific ways to help during a dental emergency.

Big Tips For Any Dental Emergency

1. Stop The Bleeding First, And Go To The ER If You Cannot.

If you are cut in your mouth (cheeks, lips, gums, or tongue), your first priority is to stop the bleeding. Get something soft and sterile (like gauze) and apply direct pressure on the cut with it. If you can stop the bleeding, call our Winnipeg, MB dental office. If you cannot, then please visit your nearest emergency room. Stopping the bleeding must come first.

2. Put Our Number In Your Phone Today.

Calling Lakewood Dental Centre is absolutely necessary, but you don’t want to fumble around trying to find our phone number when there’s a dental emergency. That’s why you should put our number in your phone’s contact list today. Add 204-977-8515 under the name “Dental Emergency” so help is just a button away.

3. Create A Dental First Aid Kit For Your Home.

You probably have some sort of first aid kit at home for medical emergencies, so why not one for dental emergencies? Get a container of some kind and label it “Dental First Aid.” Then gather the following items and place them inside:

  • A small bottle of non-aspirin pain reliever
  • A small container with a sealable lid
  • Sterile gauze
  • Dental cement
  • Plastic gloves

What To Do For Specific Dental Emergencies

Again, knowledge can be the thing to help you stay calm during a dental emergency. While you cannot predict exactly what will happen, here are some common dental emergencies and what to do for them.


Stop any bleeding, and use non-aspirin pain relievers for any discomfort. Even if you have no pain, you still need to call us at 204-977-8515 and make an emergency appointment. If something is strong enough to break your enamel, it’s strong enough to damage the inside of your tooth that you cannot see.


Pick up the tooth from the top and gently rinse it clean. Place the tooth in a small container with enough water or milk to cover it completely. Stop any bleeding, and then call Lakewood Dental Center for an emergency appointment. Bring the tooth with you. It might not be saved, but having it is better than not.


Whether you have a sudden toothache or a nagging one that’s gotten too much to deal with, take some non-aspirin pain relievers or use a numbing gel found in drugstores. Call our Winnipeg, MB dental office as soon as possible and explain if anything just happened to make that toothache so severe.


If a dental crown came off, rinse it with plain water. Then use dental cement (available in most drugstores) as a temporary adhesive to stick the crown back on its tooth. If you have a lost filling, don’t worry about getting it. Instead, use dental cement as a temporary filling.

In both cases, call Lakewood Dental Centre and explain what happened. You’ll be seen at the next possible appointment. Dental cement can last 24-48 hours, but you need to come in and get work done sooner rather than later.

Call Lakewood Dental Centre today at 204-977-8515 immediately if you are having a dental emergency. Don’t worry about whether your situation counts as a “real” emergency or not. Call our dentists and explain what happened so you can get the help you need in a dental emergency.