Has Jack Frost already been nipping at your nose?

If you live around here, probably so! We’re all used to frigid temperatures in Winnipeg, but did you know that winter can pose unique challenges for your oral health?

Your friends at Lakewood Dental Centre want to help you avoid some of the potential negative consequences this particular season can have on your teeth.

Winter Tips For Your Teeth

Here are a few helpful tips from your Winnipeg dentist to take better care of your teeth in the cold winter months:

*Drink Water*

This advice applies to every season because water is essential to your overall health, as well as your dental health.

Drinking plenty of water isn’t tough to do in the intense summer heat, but in the winter, it’s tempting to pass it up in favor of hot drinks, like coffee and hot cocoa, to warm yourself up.

Those drinks are fine in moderation, but they should always come second to your daily water intake, which will encourage healthy saliva production, keep your mouth cleaner, and protect your teeth and gums from harmful bacteria.

*Wear A Mouthguard*

If someone in your family plays a winter sport, their teeth and gums need the right protection against injuries. We can create a custom mouthguard that will fit properly and comfortably over teeth and gums to effectively absorb any impact of physical force or contact to minimize the harm done to your mouth or your smile.

*Cut The Chatter*

We don’t mean you should stop talking!

We’re talking about teeth chattering in cold temperatures like we experience around here in the harsh winter months.

Even though you don’t notice it, teeth will contract and expand in response to hot and cold temperatures. Whether you’re eating ice cream, drinking hot chocolate, or leaving the warmth of your house and walking outside to your car in the morning, your teeth are going to be exposed to varying temperatures that have them in constant, although undetectable motion.

This can increase your risk for teeth fractures, so it’s something to keep in mind this time of year. To keep the extreme contrasts in temperatures from hurting your teeth, you can cover your mouth with a scarf, keep your mouth closed when you step outside, and just be aware of the varying and extreme temperatures of your food and drinks.

Rely On Us For Exceptional Dental Care!

There’s one thing that doesn’t change with the seasons, and that’s our commitment to being your trusted source for exceptional dental care in Winnipeg!

Winters can be brutal around here, but the fact is, you face potential oral health problems all year long.

So be sure to visit us routinely in 2020 to keep your teeth and gums healthy!

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