There’s something you should know about designing your dream smile with cosmetic dentistry at Lakewood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, MB.

It’s that correcting embarrassing dental problems doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think. From a single tooth to a mouth full of discolored, damaged, or unshapely teeth, we’ll help you find the right path to getting the beautiful smile you deserve!

Design Your Dream Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

One of our areas of specialty at Lakewood Dental Centre is cosmetic smile design, where our experienced dentists come up with a customized treatment plan to address a diverse range of dental flaws.

*Minor Problems, Simple Solutions*

Sometimes, it’s just a single tooth that a patient wants to fix. Maybe an old accident or injury has left a tooth chipped, cracked, or discolored, and for years, it’s been a source of embarrassment for them.

In other cases, a patient comes to us for help with several teeth affected by the same problem. Their front teeth are crooked or overlapping, or they have too much gum tissue that makes their teeth look too small, or perhaps they’re just unhappy with the overall dinginess of color.

While these types of dental problems create big problems with a person’s self-esteem, they can be solved rather simply!

We offer services like teeth whitening treatment, orthodontics, and tooth bonding to correct the color, position, and even shape of unsightly teeth.

These noninvasive options can make a world of difference, not only in giving you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, but in boosting your confidence!

Redesign Your Smile Completely!

Some smile problems are more complex, but we’re not intimidated by multiple dental flaws!

That’s because we’ve spent years transforming smiles with cosmetic dentistry and know how to treat a range of issues, from the simplest to the most complex.

*Multiple Problems Won’t Get In Your Way*

The years can really take a toll on teeth, which means you might not like the darkened shade of your teeth, the jagged or worn shapes, the position, or the surface nicks and chips.

We find great success with dental veneers because in just one treatment, we’re able to redesign smiles that are plagued with a variety of imperfections.

By bonding custom-made shells to your flawed teeth, you can conceal stains, discoloration, gaps, rough spots, damage, and odd shapes that make you feel insecure about your smile. Because we use ceramic veneers that are thinner than standard veneers, we may not have to remove as much of your own natural tooth enamel to get maximum adhesion.

You can also get a smile makeover, which is simply a combination of two or more cosmetic treatments performed in the right order for a whole new look!

During a one-on-one consultation, we’ll help you decide which course of action is best to create your dream smile!

Schedule A Consultation!

Whether it’s a single tooth, or mouth full of dental problems, the right cosmetic smile designed especially for you is just a phone call away!

Our team is excited to get started on your dream smile!

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