Yvonne T.

Because of the extensive work I’ve gone through with just Doug, the initial work was cavities then capping. I’ve had more root canals than I think I have teeth. I was reluctant to come here. I smile because I’m just a people type of person, but I knew that my teeth weren’t where I wanted it to be. I got to the point where because I was going through so much pain, so much time spent here at the office for extended periods of time, Doug and I talked about our options. I wanted him to pull my teeth and give me dentures because I was tired of the process. The one thing I love about Doug is he gives me options; he’s gotten to know me over the years, and he knows my mouth better than I do. He knows what I’m going to be happier with, even though he knows that the extensive work I’m having done is expensive.

I am glad that he convinced me and my husband to go with the latest extensive work that I’m having done, dental implants. My top teeth have been finished, I have pearly whites, I have bridges; see how pretty they are? They’re going to be working on my bottoms, and I can say with complete confidence that people have noticed, especially the latest work that I’ve had done on my top teeth. And I agree that I’m going to have an even better smile once I’ve got my bottom teeth done. So yes, I’ve gone from a lack of confidence, even though I feel that I’m a confident person, to a person now that when I smile, they’re not going to see the spaces, they’re not going to see the yellowing. All they’re going to see is what Doug and the dental surgeon, I have to say his name, Dr. Cohen, have done and given me the confidence. And again come on down. Doug will give you what you want in the way of teeth.

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