Teresa L.

My favorite doctor would be Dr. Doug, and there are, well, there’s a long list of the reasons. But let me give you some examples that, to me, set him apart. And many people would never know this if it didn’t happen to them.

Imagine this. It’s two days after Christmas, and I am just relaxing, having a cup of tea, and I decide to just have a handful of nuts. Well, all of a sudden I realized I had more than nuts in my hand, in my mouth, or what have you. I had part of a tooth, and one of my veneers had come off.

I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness. It’s the middle of Christmas.’ I mean, Christmas to New Year’s, right? And so, you phone that panic button, or that phone call, or what have you. I phoned the office and I said, ‘I don’t know who I’m getting, but I’ve got a tooth in my hand.’

I looked, you know, like a witch; it just needed to be black. Within one hour, Doug’s wife had contacted her husband. He was in the theater with his daughter, and he said, ‘You tell her to meet me at the clinic at three o’clock. I’ll be there.’ And that was, I think, on the 27th of December.

So, at three o’clock, I arrived at the door, here at the office. It’s black inside, and there is Dr. Doug with his sweet daughter, who’s visiting from Maritimes, and an hour later my tooth was fixed. If he hadn’t done that, number one, I would have looked ridiculous, but number two, that tooth could have become damaged, which would have cost me more money in the end.

So, not only did he fix it on the spot – and I mean, maybe it wouldn’t have worked out in my favor that way, but it did that day – he was willing, right, to just like change his entire Christmas vacation to accommodate me.

That shows you the heart of this dentistry. They want to provide the service that’s needed, and in that case, I mean, it was my blessing. But I’ve heard from other customers that I’ve now become friends with, that is not abnormal for him.

So, he is my favorite. In fact, I’m sending all my friends to him, and he’ll become their favorite, too.

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