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While dental decay on your outside of your tooth is bad enough, it becomes much more problematic if decay and bacteria move past the surface of your tooth into the pulp inside and cause infection. The infection destroys your tooth from the inside out and is often painful.

Fortunately, the dentists at Lakewood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, MB can perform a root canal treatment and likely save your tooth!

To find out if your toothache is caused by an infection that can threaten your tooth, you can reach us by phone at (204) 977-8515.

Root Canal or Extraction: Some Reasons to Save Your Tooth

Your dentist might be able to save your tooth with a root canal treatment. Dr. Dhillon or Dr. McDermid can clean out the inside of your tooth, removing the pulp and the infection. Then they will fill your tooth to help prevent it from becoming infected again. The last step is to strengthen your tooth by covering it with a dental crown. Thanks to our CEREC technology, we can provide crowns on the same day as a root canal procedure.

The alternative to root canals is a tooth extraction. Both options can relieve your pain. But there are good reasons for keeping your tooth. Among them:

  • Removing a tooth can have adverse effects on your surrounding teeth and on the bone structure that supports them.
  • While a root canal will cost more than a simple extraction, the cost of an extraction plus a tooth replacement such as a dental implant or a dental bridge will likely be higher than the cost of root canals.

We’ll Keep You Comfortable During a Root Canal

Dr. Dhillon or Dr. McDermid will numb your mouth with local anesthesia prior to your root canal. In addition, our caring staff can help you feel more comfortable with:

  • Televisions and headphones, so you can focus on music or a favorite show instead of your procedure
  • Blankets in case you get chilly in our chair

We also offer inhaled sedation and oral sedation.

When Might You Need A Root Canal?

Lakewood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, MB suggests making an appointment with your dentist if you’re experiencing:

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Pain when you chew
  • Swelling around a tooth
  • Head or ears aching in addition to symptoms above

Can You Avoid Root Canals?

You can take preventive measures to reduce your risk of needing root canals treatment:

  • Twice-a-year teeth cleanings and dental exams can help keep harmful bacteria at bay and allow your dentist to stay ahead of any dental health problems.
  • Repair damaged teeth with fillings or dental crowns before the infection can spread deep into your tooth.
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day can help you maintain good oral hygiene.

Get relief. If you have a toothache, let one of our dentists help you thru root canals. Call (204) 977-8515 or use our online form to schedule your appointment.

Both Dr. Doug McDermid and Dr. Rose Dhillon is a graduate of University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry, and they are one of the top-notch and trusted dentists in Winnipeg, MB.

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