Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Baby teeth need dental care too! The Canadian Dental Association recommends you schedule your child’s first dental appointment no later than their first birthday. For children 3 and under, their first visit at Lakewood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, MB is free. Make your child’s first dental visit today!

Our dentists, Dr. Dhillon and Dr. McDermid, welcome patients of all ages to our dental office. We want to care for your smile and your children’s smiles too! Have you first dental visit with us today!

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What To Expect At Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

We want to make sure your child enjoys their first dental visit so they’ll look forward to trips to Lakewood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, MB for years to come. Our friendly team will get your child excited about their visit. Your little one is also encouraged to bring along any siblings.

Every child’s first visit is different. We’ll take into account your child’s needs and comfort level before deciding how to proceed. Following the exam, your child will be given a dental package also including stickers and a Brave Patient Award to our local neighbourhood Subway restaurant.

The Benefits Of Dental Visits For Children

By bringing your child in for an early dental visit, it allows us to let you know if there are any dental health issues you should be concerned about as your child gets older. We can discuss the need for braces, at-home brushing and flossing techniques, and whether there are any bad habits threatening the health of your child’s smile.

Orthodontics For Your Family

Not only can Lakewood Dental Centre see your entire family for teeth cleanings and dental exams, but general dentist Dr. McDermid can treat your family members’ crooked teeth with braces. Our Lakewood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, MB options for straightening out a crooked smile are:

  • Invisalign
  • Smart Moves
  • K-Line clear aligners
  • Braces with a nickel titanium wire
  • Traditional braces

Don’t neglect your child’s baby teeth, or your child might grow up and neglect their adult teeth. Schedule your child’s first dental visit in our Winnipeg, MB office by phone at (204) 977-8515 or from your computer or smartphone using our online form.

Both Dr. Doug McDermid and Dr. Rose Dhillon is a graduate of University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry, and they are one of the top-notch and trusted dentists in Winnipeg, MB.

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Video: Dr. Doug McDermid Shared How Lakewood Dental Centre Treats Children

Lakewood Dental Centre isn't just for adults, we also treat children. The good thing about our practice, we have a proper practice so the child won't cry or feel scared. We make sure that they are comfortable, and the process will depend on the child on how they want to start or if they want their parents to be there beside them. Let Dr. McDermid of Lakewood Dental Centre treat your children's dental issues. Visit our website, or contact us at (204) 977-8515 to set an appointment with us today! Like and Add us on: Facebook: Google+: And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see updated videos!