There are multiple reasons to consider orthodontic care.

You may have crooked teeth or crowded teeth. You may have an overbite, underbite, or another bite alignment issue. You may have a gap or gaps between your teeth that you would like to close.

Having straight teeth can make it easier to remove bacteria and plaque when you brush and floss, but most people would also agree that straight teeth improve the appearance of your smile.

We offer orthodontic care at Lakewood Dental Centre as one of our cosmetic services. We want you to have a healthy mouth, and we want you to be happy with your smile, too.

Today, we will be discussing orthodontic treatment options at our Winnipeg, MB, dentist office. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss whether orthodontics could help you, please call 204-977-8515 or contact us online to request an appointment.

Who Is A Candidate For Orthodontics?

While it is common for teenagers for to receive orthodontic care, adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment as well. In fact, the Canadian Dental Association has noted that more and more adults are receiving orthodontic care for the sake of improving their smiles and their oral health.

As we mentioned earlier, orthodontic treatments can be used to help with a variety of issues.

How your teeth are aligned with one another can affect how you bite and chew food. Alignment issues also can cause wear and tear on your teeth, and bite issues can lead to pain or tension in the muscles around your mouth in some cases.

The time needed to complete your treatment will depend on a variety of factors. This includes the type of treatment you choose, the severity of your alignment issues, and other factors.

Orthodontic Options

At Lakewood Dental Centre, we offer both braces and short-term orthodontic treatments.

Let’s look at some of your options.

◼ Braces — This may the first thing that comes to mind when you think of orthodontic care.

When a patient receives braces, brackets are attached to his or her teeth. Then an archwire is attached to the brackets.

Together, the wire and brackets apply pressure to the teeth. This encourages the movement needed to realign your teeth and change your smile.

Braces can work on a wide range of issues, which is part of the reason they remain such a popular orthodontic option.

◼ Invisalign — Invisalign takes a different approach to orthodontic treatment. Instead of applying pressure to your teeth with brackets and wires, Invisalign uses what are called aligners to push your teeth where you want them to be.

These aligners are made of a clear plastic, which makes them more discreet than braces when worn over your teeth.

Please be aware that Invisalign may not be as effective on every alignment problem as braces. An in-person evaluation will give us a better idea if this treatment is a good option for you.

◼ Smart Moves and K-Line clear aligners — These two options are also based on the use of clear aligners. If you are a good candidate for these, we can discuss the differences between them and Invisalign so you can make the right decision about which one you would like to use.

How You Can Schedule An Orthodontic Visit

If you are interested in orthodontic care for yourself or your son or daughter at Lakewood Dental Centre, you can start by contacting us online or by calling us at 204-977-8515. Again, our office is located in Winnipeg, MB.

During your visit, we will examine your mouth and assess your needs so we can advise you about what orthodontic options could help you or your loved one. If you would like to change your smile, we would like to help.