Do you dread socializing because you’re insecure about your teeth?

Are you tired of trying to hide the stains and other cosmetic flaws in your smile?

Then our team at Lakewood Dental Centre wants to help you broaden your social horizons this summer with cosmetic dentistry!

Is It Time For A Smile Upgrade?

Over the years, you might notice changes with your teeth that eat away at your confidence about your smile and overall appearance.

That’s because we are all susceptible to the passing of time and the visible wear and tear on our teeth like dark stains, teeth that have shifted out of position, and dental damage like cracks and chips.

And just like anything else in our lives that eventually loses its newness, your smile might be needing a bit of an upgrade to restore its once bright, youthful appearance.

With all the reasons we gather with friends and family this time of year, summer is the perfect season to spend on cosmetic dentistry!

*Cosmetic Dental Solutions*

Here are a few of the cosmetic dental solutions you’ll find in our Winnipeg practice to take your smile to the next level:

  • Tooth Bonding – If the years haven’t been kind to your teeth by way of rough spots, cracks, or chips on your enamel, or if you have minor issues with the shape or position and spacing of your teeth, tooth bonding may be a good way to cover and smooth over those imperfections. It’s quick, affordable, and effective!
  • Dental Veneers – For similar, but more visible, teeth flaws, a longer-lasting solution would be dental veneers. These are thin, durable shells that are custom-made to fit over imperfect teeth, keep your smile bright because of their resistance to stains, and transform your confidence!
  • Teeth Whitening – It sounds simple, but just lightening the shade of your teeth with our professional teeth whitening system may be all you need to make your smile look fresh and radiant. This is probably the easiest, fastest way to upgrade your smile and your self-esteem!
  • Orthodontics – If you want straight teeth but don’t want to wear braces, you’ll love Invisalign! In roughly a year, this clear aligner system corrects the position of your teeth and is barely noticeable, conveniently removable, and comfortable. It’s ideal for adults who want a faster solution for crooked teeth!

Start With A Consultation!

Whether you find a quick way to upgrade your smile, or choose orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth over the next year, either path could finally lead to a more attractive, confident YOU!

All you have to do is decide if the way you see yourself when you imagine your bright, flawless, straight teeth and a newfound confidence in any situation are what you want for your future moving forward.

What would next summer be like for you if you loved the way you looked and felt?

You can find out by scheduling a cosmetic consultation in Winnipeg, MB!

Call Lakewood Dental Centre today at 204-977-8515 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.