It’s the height of summer, but fall isn’t too far away. It’s just a few months, in fact. That means you really need to start thinking about how you smile looks. There are several times in autumn when you want your smile looking its best. But that won’t happen unless you do something about it. In fact, cosmetic problems with your teeth can just get worse.

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The Fall Events Where You Want Great Teeth

While you never want to have unsightly teeth, there are times when that’s more of a problem. Here are a few events this fall that can go smoother with a beautiful smile.

  • School pictures: Many schools take photos during the fall months. How do you want your smile to look in that yearbook or school website?
  • Work pictures: Businesses these days are taking photos of employees for websites, ID badges, and more. What kind of smile do you want to be associated with your career?
  • Thanksgiving Day: Families often gather together for some turkey, football games, and more. How do you want your teeth to look like at these family gatherings?
  • Halloween: With its focus on costumes, this holiday emphasizes how you look much more than others. How will your smile go with your costume?

That’s why calling our Winnipeg dentists today makes sense. Some cosmetic dentistry treatments take a while before they are complete. By setting up a smile makeover consultation today, you can be one step closer to having that great smile you want.

How A Smile Makeover Helps You

What is a smile makeover? It’s a comprehensive plan to use different cosmetic dentistry treatments until your smile looks great. At your initial appointment, you’ll speak to Dr. Dhillon or Dr. McDermid and explain how you want your smile to look for the fall. Then you’ll discuss the cosmetic dentistry treatments available to help you get that look. Here are some of the treatments you can get as part of your smile makeover.


Years of drinking coffee, tea, and more can leave behind tiny stains on your teeth. This is a slow process, so many don’t realize how dark their smile has gotten until it’s too late. That’s why you can get professional-strength teeth whitening from our Winnipeg dentists. This can remove stains and turn your smile whiter.


Sometimes called “instant orthodontics,” dental veneers can provide a quick and dramatic change to your smile. They are thin, shell-like covers for the front of your teeth. Dental veneers are made to look like healthy enamel. Once placed on your teeth, they will hide stains and imperfections.


Tooth bonding is a more affordable alternative to dental veneers. It just usually doesn’t last as long. Here, our Winnipeg dentists will carefully apply a tooth-colored resin to the front of your teeth. This will fill in any chips or cracks, but it will also cover over stains.


Your smile is more than just your teeth. Gums are supposed to play a small but important part of your smile. So when you have too much gum tissue or it starts pulling away from your teeth, your smile looks unusual. Thankfully, you can call our Winnipeg, MB dental office to include gum reshaping in your smile makeover. This treatment changes your gumline so your smile looks more normal.


Old metal fillings can still be used to treat cavities. They still work. It’s just that metal tends to stick out in your smile. That’s why you can get tooth-colored fillings instead. They fill in a cavity and make the tooth stronger just like metal ones. By matching the color of the tooth it repairs, a tooth-colored filling will blend in with your smile and make it look better.

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