Find Relief From Dental Pain With Tooth Removal [BLOG]

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When you’re experiencing any sort of dental pain, it’s hard to focus on much else other than your discomfort. Not only will a nagging toothache steal your attention away from your daily responsibilities, but it can quickly impact your ability to enjoy simple things and your quality of life overall.

Not to mention that prolonged dental pain could put you at a higher risk for serious oral health problems if ignored or untreated.

Our team at Lakewood Dental Centre can help! When you visit our Winnipeg, MB dental office, we’ll get to the bottom of your dental pain and determine if tooth removal is the solution to help you find relief and preserve your healthy smile!

When Tooth Removal Is The Answer To Dental Pain

Because you want your natural teeth to last a lifetime, extraction is often a last resort. Ideally, a dentist can find another solution so your smile, oral health, and teeth all remain intact.

So when is tooth removal the answer to your dental pain?

Here are some common reasons you might be better off having a tooth extracted above other forms of treatment:

*A tooth is too weak to sustain yet another restorative treatment.

*A tooth has been damaged beyond repair.

*The risk of spreading infection is too great to salvage a tooth.

*Your wisdom teeth don’t have room to come in or to erupt in the right position.

*You need to make room for orthodontic treatment to correct overcrowding.

*You have advancing gum disease threatening the stability and health of your teeth.

Again, these are just a few typical reasons for tooth removal. Your specific dental needs can only be determined through a thorough oral examination from one of our highly-skilled dentists at Lakewood Dental Centre.

If tooth removal is the right solution for you, we’ll make sure you understand all your options in tooth replacement so your smile stays healthy and beautiful. The important thing to remember is that our team of experienced professionals will help you choose the method that will optimize your chances for lasting oral health, function, and durability.

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You don’t have to live with dental pain, nor should you try to ignore it.

For the sake of your oral and overall health, visit our Winnipeg, MB dental office to find relief from pain and effective treatment solutions.

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