You didn’t notice how dark your smile had gotten until you saw that old photo of you. That night, you look in the mirror, and there it is. Your teeth are dull, dingy, and even brownish. Suddenly, you are self-conscious about smiling at people.

That’s why you need to call our Winnipeg, MB dental office at 204-977-8515 and make an appointment for teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry can do a lot for your smile, and Dr. Dhillon and Dr. McDermid are both highly trained at using professional-strength teeth whitening systems.

How You Can Benefit From Teeth Whitening

According to the CDA, teeth whitening treatments are safe when used by a trained dentist. And there are some health conditions where teeth whitening is not advised. That said, our Winnipeg dentists are skilled and experienced in using cosmetic dentistry treatments like these to improve how your smile looks. And when your smile looks better, you get other benefits as well.

  • You can find it easier to speak to people and groups.
  • Your self-esteem can get a boost.
  • You can look younger.
  • You can make better first impressions.

By calling Lakewood Dental Centre today, you can be one step closer to getting your teeth several shades lighter with professional-strength teeth whitening.

Problems With Teeth Whitening Kits

You’ve probably noticed there are some teeth whitening kits available in stores. These work … to some degree. However, there are often problems with these store-bought kits.

The biggest one is that the results aren’t as dramatic or powerful as what you can get from a dentist. That’s because dentists have the training and approval to use professional-strength whitening. These teeth whitening kits have to be made weaker because there is no professional supervision for their use.

That’s another drawback. With these store-bought kits, you have to be the dentist. While you aren’t likely to run into any major problems while using them, it’s still very different from having a highly trained professional on hand.

Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

Here are some of the benefits you get from getting teeth whitening from a dentist instead of a box.

You will get professional results

If you’re going to try teeth whitening, that means you want whiter teeth. That should be obvious, but then why go with a teeth whitening kit that likely will not get your teeth as white as a professional-strength system?

Our dentists are trained to use professional cosmetic dentistry systems that give you the whiter teeth you’re looking for in the first place.

It can be done in our Winnipeg dental office or at your home

One reason those kits are popular is that they can be done at home on your schedule. At Lakewood Dental Centre, you have the choice. You can come into our Winnipeg, MB dental office and have it done here, or you can get take-home versions of our professional-strength teeth whitening.

Three Professional Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Dr. Dhillon and Dr. McDermid are both trained in several cosmetic dentistry treatments. This way, you have choices for getting your teeth whiter.


Zoom can help your teeth get up to eight shades whiter in just one in-office treatment. This cosmetic dentistry treatment is also specifically designed to reduce any tooth or gum sensitivity that can happen as a side-effect of teeth whitening.


This system is kept refrigerated until it’s ready to use, keeping it fresh and strong. Custom-made trays help prevent saliva from interfering with the process. The whitening agent is also made to reduce any tooth sensitivity you might otherwise experience.


Opalescence uses a unique mix of fluoride and potassium nitrate in a gel. Our dentists expertly coat the front of your teeth with this gel. It helps protect your enamel during the teeth whitening process, but the gel also makes it easier to avoid getting anything on your gums that can irritate them.

Call Lakewood Dental Centre today at 204-977-8515 or use our online form to schedule your appointment for professional-strength teeth whitening.