The transformation taking place out in nature before our eyes during the fall season can be pretty inspirational.
It reminds us that change can be a beautiful thing.
Improving your smile is a great example!
One of the ways you can do that in Winnipeg, MB for Invisalign treatment at Lakewood Dental Centre to get a stunning, straight smile!

3 Reasons To Start Invisalign This Fall!

Here are just three of many reasons to start Invisalign this fall to get a straight smile!

*Invisalign Feels Better Than Braces*

Right from the start, you’re going to feel more discomfort with brackets and wires. The brackets are rough and pokey against your lips and cheeks, which definitely takes some getting used to.
The wires are periodically tightened, which is how the braces are able to move your teeth into the right position. But it, too, is uncomfortable each time it’s done.
None of this is to say that the discomfort lasts forever. Any pain or tension subsides after a few days.
But Invisalign is always comfortable thanks to the gentler pressure of the plastic aligners that you switch out every couple of weeks.
What’s more, the aligners are smooth against the soft tissues inside your mouth, so you don’t risk irritation or painful sores.

*Invisalign Is Effective*

Without major misalignment in your jaw and bite, Invisalign is an effective orthodontic treatment for straightening crooked teeth and closing gaps in your smile.
Your aligners are carefully, precisely designed and crafted before treatment begins,thanks to a comfortable digital impressions process. Since you can’t see them easily, you don’t have to feel self-conscious while wearing them, either.
You get the positive results without all the pain and discomfort, physically and emotionally.

*Invisalign Is Convenient*

Another unique quality about this treatment option is the flexibility and convenience it offers. You can remove your clear aligners up to rough 2 hours per day. That means you can take them out for important business lunches, professional presentations, romantic dates, or when it’s time to eat or clean your teeth.
You won’t have any dietary restrictions or special tools to help you brush and floss each day.

Call For A Consultation!

These reasons will probably make Invisalign sound like a perfect option for you.
We can definitely understand why!
But the only way to know for sure if Invisalign will work for you is to visit one of our Winnipeg, MB dentists for a consultation.
If it is, then you can start flashing your straight, beautiful smile around this time next year!
Call Lakewood Dental Centre today at 204-977-8515 or fill out our online form to request a consultation in Winnipeg, MB.