Before you replace missing teeth, you deserve to know all the options available to you in modern dentistry.
Today, our team at Lakewood Dental Centre wants to highlight dental implants and how they could potentially improve or preserve the quality of life you want and deserve!

3 Benefits Of Dental Implants You May Not Know

At Lakewood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, MB, you’ll find several dental implant solutions that offer unique benefits, some of which you may not yet realize.
Here are three of them:

*Lasting Oral Health*

With the right care, dental implants can last a lifetime.
While the initial cost may drive people toward a less expensive option, like standard dentures, over the long run, you might get more out of your investment with implants and restorations.
On top of that, dental implants attach to your jawbone, which will encourage new, healthy bone growth with time and increase your chance of better sustained oral health over the long term.

*Improved Nutrition*

High-quality, removable dentures can work well for many tooth loss patients, but they’re not without limitations.
Because they only rest on top of your gums, no matter how well they fit or how strong the adhesive that keeps them in place, certain foods require a bite strength standard dentures can’t give you.
As a result, your diet will be somewhat restricted to only those foods that you can chew and swallow easily. This will have an inevitable impact on your overall health because you may not be able to eat tougher or harder highly-nutritious fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
But it’s also a quality of life issue. Eating is supposed to be an enjoyable sensory experience, and not being able to eat the foods you love might be a dealbreaker for you.
Dental implants naturally fuse to your jawbone for unmatched bite power compared to other replacement methods.

*Easy Oral Hygiene*

It’s widely-known that caring for traditional dentures involves a different oral hygiene routine than most people are used to. Dentures have to be taken out daily and scrubbed with special tools and non-abrasive cleansers, soaked overnight, rinsed off after meals, and handled with extreme care to avoid dropping or breaking them.
For some, the special care dentures require may be well worth the effort.
For many others, they’re too high maintenance compared to other tooth replacement options.
Dental implants and restorations, for example, don’t require sweeping modifications to your oral hygiene routine. You can brush and floss each day just as you would with your natural teeth.
This is a significant benefit that appeals to many implant patients.

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