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Our Winnipeg, MB Dentist Is Trained in Emergency Care

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I’ve got a lot of family members that are dentists, so it was a natural progression, it wasn’t something that was foreign to me.

I’ve been in health care probably the better part of a decade. Probably more than that, and it just gives me a little bit of opportunity to work in a nice, lighted setting, in an office setting, with my hands, and sculpt things that make people smile again.

The most rewarding part for me is when patients walk out of here with a smile, or I get a big hug when they walk away. For example, I had a patient come in a couple weeks ago, and she was talking with her hand over her mouth. And we’re rebuilding her smile, and we’re rebuilding her teeth, and rebuilding her confidence and giving her the confidence to walk out and be part of the world again, to be in the workforce again, to go out with friends again. To just be herself again.

So, being able to see that smile and the hug and the confidence that it just gives those patients, even if it’s the smallest thing, just makes the big difference for us.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry. I went on to become a paramedic. I was a paramedic for eight years in rural Manitoba. Advanced training in advanced cardiac life support and advanced trauma life support.

I’ve delivered babies. I’ve been with people on the best day of their life and the worst day of their life.

I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in dental medicine. I have a supplemental designation degree, a Bachelor of Science in dentistry for research and oral surgery.

I enjoy taking classes in cosmetic dentistry and oral sedation and patient sedation. I love just getting to know and to learn the basics again, just making sure that I can refine my skills as best as I can so, even the smallest filling, patients are happy walking out of the office.

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