Jason O.

There’s a lot of dentistry out there but this one makes you feel, I wouldn’t say home but just makes you feel comfortable and like a community, like a nice little community. When you walk in from the receptionist always saying “Good morning. How you doing?” They make you feel like friendly and like they do care for each client that they have. Right from the giving you, like what’s going to happen, the steps towards what’s happening for your day proceedings. It’s just very well professional, friendly, they make it a friendly, fun environment where you can joke around and they seem very caring towards the patients.
So every time I go for a cleaning they’d notice my enamels are kind of … You know I’m grinding and stuff so they had mentioned about trying this new type of night guard. So that has decreased the pain and thee sensitivity towards my teeth, having something to block me from grinding and chip away at the enamel has helped and it’s actually … I sleep very well with them. I thought … I was a little worried that if I wasn’t going to sleep with these properly. I put them in but no, I sleep very well at night. I don’t feel as sensitive when I drink my cold juices so it’s good.
I just think for anyone who is looking for something different or a different dentist or a place to try I would really recommend this place. From entering to leaving, it just makes you feel, they make you feel really important.

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